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Valhalla Tahoe will produce two theatre productions in 2018, one in July and one in October. The July production will run three weekends for a total of twelve performances. The October production will run two weekends with a total of eight performances. The summer production we choose will be a widely accessible, entertaining play appropriate for people of most ages (a fun way to think of it might be “Broadway in the Boathouse”). The fall production we choose will also have wide appeal but could be more serious, intellectual or even experimental subject matter and need not be family friendly necessarily. But, we will ask you to convince us that it will appeal to a wide audience (see #2 below).

Submission Guidelines and Requirements

Submission Deadline: Received via email or US mail by 5:00 pm, Friday, January 19, 2018.

Submission instructions:

Email: Send all submission materials in one email to with the subject line “2018 Theatre Submission”


US Mail: Send all submission materials in one envelope addressed to Valhalla Tahoe, RE: 2018 Theatre Submission, PO Bos 19273, South Lake Tahoe, Ca 96151

Applicants will be notified of our decision by 5:00 pm, Friday, February 9, 2018.

Submissions will be reviewed by a committee of Valhalla staff, board members and volunteers. Staff, board members, volunteers (or their family members or people living in the same household) who submit a production and who also sit on the review committee must recuse themselves from the committee for the entire selection process.

Before you apply, please consider that if your production is chosen you will need to submit basic marketing materials by the end of February that include: professional graphics and or photos and descriptions that can be used in our print brochure, online ticketing pages, email newsletter and print and online advertising. This is critical to the success of the production for attendance and sales revenue.

All productions will need to have a production assistant who is not the Director or a member of the cast to help coordinate production logistics with Valhalla Tahoe staff and volunteers.

All productions, their director, cast and crew must agree to observe rules and guidelines that apply to the Valhalla site, it’s buildings, grounds and events. (See attached Site Guidelines)

Submissions for both summer and fall productions must include the following:

  1. Director name and contact information (if you are new to Valhalla, please include a theatre resume or bio that describes your experience and lists productions you have been involved with and dates).
  2. Name and description of the play (including history of the play, awards, etc.) and pitch for why it’s the right production for Valhalla Tahoe and for the summer or fall slot you are applying for.
  3. Production schedule slot you are applying for (Summer or Fall).
  4. A detailed budget: estimated ticket sales, production, and marketing costs. Three (3) estimated cost and NET revenue scenarios that include break-even, mid-range, and best-case outcomes. Please remember to account for 15% of ticket sale revenue going to the USFS.
  5. Description of potential set design and/or needs based on knowledge of the Boathouse Theatre’s stage attributes and limitations.
  6. A description of technical considerations (e.g. lighting, sound, special effects).
  7. A PDF or if you are submitting via US mail eight (8) hard copies of the script.

The following items are desirable for all submissions, however we understand applicants may not have all information by the January submission deadline but please include if possible:

  1. If you do not plan to hold open auditions, a proposed/potential list of cast members and roles.
  2. A proposed list of production crew members and anticipated needs for Valhalla Tahoe to provide any of the resources (e.g., set design and construction, stage manager, production assistant, tech).