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As part of the Valhalla Art, Music & Theatre Festival, an annual summer arts festival at the historic Heller (Valhalla) Estate on the southwest shore of Lake Tahoe, next door to Camp Richardson, Valhalla Tahoe hosts three fine artists each summer in the Viking Gallery in July and August. Valhalla Tahoe invites artists to submit a proposal for consideration for the 2017 season.

The Artists-in-Residence Program is an opportunity for fine artists using a variety of mediums to both show and work on site for a ten-day period. While Valhalla Tahoe seeks to support artists who take part in the residency program by encouraging sales of their work, we also want to maximize the interaction of the public and the artists. To this end, we encourage artists to create art in the gallery during the residency hours and to encourage people to watch the process and ask to ask questions. Also, Valhalla invites artists-in-residence to offer classes and or workshops to the public during the residency. Artists can work with Valhalla Tahoe to brainstorm workshops or classes that might appeal to Valhalla Tahoe’s target audience that includes both the local community and visitors to the Tahoe Basin.

Valhalla Tahoe markets the Festival and Residency program across a variety of platforms before and during the festival. We will also host a public reception for each artist during their residency. We ask that artists use their channels to communicate with their patrons and fans of their work about their residency at Valhalla Tahoe. We also ask that artists donate to Valhalla Tahoe, either five percent of their gross sales during the residency or $100, whichever is higher, so that Valhalla Tahoe can continue to improve the Viking Gallery for the Residency program. We also ask for 20% of fees paid by participants in classes and workshops.

Valhalla Tahoe does not provide housing as part of the Artists-in-Residence Program. However, there are several campgrounds within walking, biking, or short driving distance, along with many vacation housing options in and around South Lake Tahoe.

Valhalla Tahoe does not provide display materials. Artists must bring freestanding displays for their work.

If you are interested in a Residency at Valhalla in 2017, please submit the following materials by February 6, 2017:

  1. Name, address, phone number, and email address
  2. 50-word (or less) description of work
  3. 250-word (or less) biography
  4. List of galleries, shows, and residencies over the last three years
  5. Website and any social media links
  6. 5-10 representative digital photo samples
  7. List of notable awards and recognitions
  8. 100-word description of class or workshop including proposed fee if applicable*

Please submit these materials all in one email (no exceptions) to Evangeline Elston, Valhalla Art, Music & Theatre Festival Director, by February 6, 2017. If accepted you will be notified by February 15, 2017.

*Not required but preference will be given to artists who offer a well-conceived, professional workshop or class.


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