About Valhalla Tahoe

Valhalla Tahoe was formed in 1979 (as the Tahoe Tallac Association) as a exterior view of the tahoe boathouse theatrenon-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the goal of assisting the Forest Service in restoring the three estates on the Tallac Historic Site and developing the site as a historic center while sponsoring as well as producing the Valhalla Arts & Music Festival held annually on the Heller Estate of the Tallac Historic Site. The site is listed on the National Registry of Historic Sites.

Valhalla Tahoe and the U. S. Forest Service have enhanced and restored a significant heritage area in the Tahoe region. We are also enabling the public to learn about, as well as enjoy, many rich diverse cultural experiences. The Association annually sponsors the Valhalla Art, Music and Theatre Festival, which features events that reflect the art and music of many cultures and historic time frames while enriching the lives of those who attend.

The efforts of Valhalla Tahoe and the U. S. Forest Service have brought life back to this once popular lakeside area. To date, several buildings have been rehabilitated and restored, but a great deal of work remains to be done.

Currently, cultural arts programs are housed in several structures on the site, bike paths wind through the site and concerts and art exhibits are held throughout the summer. All of this varied activity attracts over 100,000 visitors each summer.

There are many important facets to our program that appeal to all ages ranging from art and photo exhibitions, arts education, art demonstrations, artists in residency, theatrical performances and a huge array of concerts that are designed to appeal to a diverse culture, interest, as well as raise funds for restoration projects on the site.

Please consider joining us and supporting our mission by becoming a member.


Preserving Tahoe heritage through arts, music, and theatre.


To preserve our unique lakefront historic estate while providing community and visitors quality cultural experiences and inviting them to participate in sustaining the site for future generations.


As you may know, government funding for the arts is, unfortunately, being dramatically reduced, if not cut entirely.  The Board plans to diversify the funding strategy in the following ways:

  1. Seek more corporate sponsorships;
  2. Apply for historic preservation funding opportunities for which we are very competitive (Where else can you find such a breathtakingly beautiful historic site?); and
  3. Apply for private foundation funding.



The Board is planning to undertake some changes that we hope will result in better program coordination, and may ultimately make your jobs as volunteers a bit easier:

  1. The Board will be conducting a retreat this Fall to focus on just what the organization should look like in the next three to five years.  Topics they will discuss will include things like funding, staffing, types of programming offered, possible collaboration with other arts organizations around the Basin, etc.
  2. The Board has discussed a desire to begin developing a three-year plan for our cultural arts program development. This will enhance our ability to match grant sources with planned programs in a way that will enable us to be assured of funding earlier in the process.


Historic Preservation

repairing the exterior of the tahoe boathouse theatreWhile we enjoy our bit of Tahoe history that is embodied in the Tallac Site, preservation of Valhalla, the Boathouse Theatre and the Twin Cabins is an expensive undertaking.  The cost of replacing the roof on Valhalla is estimated at approximately $175,000!  Fortunately, Valhalla Tahoe does not have to bear that cost alone, as the Forest Service budget does cover most of the expense.  However, we do have an obligation to raise $30,000 as our contribution for the roof replacement and are currently seeking funds for that purpose.


Audience Development

It has been said that the Tallac Site and our fantastic programs are one of the best-kept secrets at Lake Tahoe.  We need to change that by reaching out to our friends and neighbors — our local community — to ensure that everyone can experience what we already know is true.  There is fun to be had, friendships to be made and a wonderful cultural arts program to be experienced at the Tahoe Tallac Site.  We have a wonderful opportunity to develop our skills as ambassadors and marketers, so let’s use it!

Finally, a genuine and heartfelt THANK YOU from the Valhalla Tahoe Board.  Your volunteerism is at the heart of our organization, and we appreciate you!


Going Green

Valhalla Tahoe is going green and you can help, too. We has an account at the South Tahoe Recycling Center. If you are interested in donating to Valhalla Tahoe and helping out the environment, this is a great way to do both.

Just take your recyclables to the South Tahoe Recycling Center, located at 2192 Ruth Ave. in South Lake Tahoe, and let them know that you want to put the donation under Valhalla Tahoe (account # DO102).

They accept plastic, aluminum, glass, paper, newspaper and also tin cans. For a full listing of what’s accepted and what’s not, please call 530.541.7526.

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