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There is no doubt that Lake Tahoe has a long and rich history.  From the Washoe tribes all the way up to the present day, this region’s heritage is something that deserves to be preserved for generations to come.  Valhalla Tahoe has played an important role in this preservation for over 30 years, by restoring and maintaining the Heller Estate at the Tallac Historic Site.


Beyond preservation of the various buildings on the Site, Valhalla Tahoe builds and grows community through its mission and services, along with its annual Art, Music and Theatre Festival. It cannot do so without the public’s help.  Valhalla needs the support of people like you because it is very much a labor of love.  From the board to the Festival’s many volunteers, everyone who participates does it because they recognize the historical and cultural importance of the Site and the programming and services provided by Valhalla Tahoe.


The stronger Valhalla gets, the greater the need for ongoing community support to ensure the future of the organization and to increase capacity for the mission.


Please join us in supporting historic restoration and preservation and arts programming at Valhalla Tahoe by becoming a member, a business sponsor or a volunteer.


Mission and Vision

Valhalla Tahoe was formed in 1979 (as the Tahoe Tallac Association) as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the goal of assisting the Forest Service in restoring the three estates on the Tallac Historic Site and developing the site as a historic center while sponsoring as well as producing the Valhalla Arts & Music Festival held annually on the Heller Estate of the Tallac Historic Site. The site is listed on the National Registry of Historic Sites.

Valhalla Tahoe and the U. S. Forest Service have enhanced and restored a significant heritage area in the Tahoe region. It has also enabled the public to learn about, as well as enjoy, many rich diverse cultural experiences. Valhalla Tahoe annually sponsors the Valhalla Art, Music and Theatre Festival, which features events that reflect the art and music of many cultures and historic time frames while enriching the lives of those who attend.

The efforts of Valhalla Tahoe and the U. S. Forest Service have brought life back to this once popular lakeside area. To date, several buildings have been rehabilitated and restored, but a great deal of work remains to be done. Currently, cultural arts programs are housed in several structures on the site, bike paths wind through the site and concerts and art exhibits are held throughout the summer. All of this varied activity attracts over 100,000 visitors each summer. There are many important facets to our program that appeal to all ages ranging from art and photo exhibitions, arts education, art demonstrations, artists in residency, theatrical performances and a huge array of concerts that are designed to appeal to a diverse culture and range of interests, as well as raise funds for restoration projects on the site.


Valhalla Tahoe’s Programs – The Valhalla Art, Music and Theatre Festival

The Valhalla Art, Music and Theatre Festival is a unique celebration of music, theatre and the visual arts. The festival is set against the magnificent backdrop of Lake Tahoe and the Tallac Historic Site. Now in its 33rd year, it is produced by Valhalla Tahoe.

The Festival begins in July with events and activities that continue throughout August.  Events occur in the Boathouse Theatre, The Valhalla Grand Hall and the Grand Lawn.

The Boathouse Theatre was created 15 years ago from one of the original turn of the century boathouses. Sitting right on the lake shore, it provides the setting for a variety of theatrical performances, concerts and special programs. Seating 165, the Boathouse Theatre is a beautiful, intimate space to enjoy a show.


Those coming to a performance can also enjoy a picnic on the lawn before attending plays or concerts and even attend an event on the lawn itself, such as the free Sunday “Music on the Lawn” series.


The Art Gallery located in the Vikings Room, next to the Valhalla Grand Hall showcases featured artists that produce and display their art for the site’s many visitors.




2013 Projects

  • Installed a new sidewalk between the Grand Hall and the Boathouse.
  • Painted all the trim on the Grand Hall. Perhaps the largest project was restoring the old growth cedar bark siding on the Boathouse. Many pieces were missing, and since this type of siding is no longer manufactured, it required harvesting bark off of downed cedar trees, a lengthy and complicated task.

2014 Projects

  • Added another sidewalk between the Valhalla circular drive past the twin cabins to the Grand Hall.
  • Restored the cedar shingle siding on the Grand Hall, which have become paper thin at the bottom over the years. Due to budget constraints, only half the siding was completed this year.

2015 Projects

  • Restore the rest of the siding on the Grand Hall
  • Replace the posts around the perimeter of the porch.

Financial Needs


Government funding for the arts is, unfortunately, being dramatically reduced, if not cut entirely.  Valhalla Tahoe plans to diversify the funding strategy in the following ways:

  1. Seek more corporate sponsorships;
  2. Apply for historic preservation funding opportunities;
  3. Apply for private foundation funding; and
  4. Ask the community to support the organization by becoming a member.


Supporting Valhalla Tahoe


You can support Valhalla Tahoe in a number of ways.

  1. Become a member
  2. Attend the many events that comprise the Valhalla Art, Music and Theatre Festival
  3. Rent Valhalla Tahoe for a wedding or event
  4. Encourage your friends and family to do any or all of the above