Dream weddings don’t just happen, they take coordination and the support of your Vendor Team. Whether you’re keeping it simple or embellishing all the details, you’ll need a team do handle the setup and breakdown of your event. Since Valhalla is a historic venue, we need to ensure your vendors understand their responsibilities and the unique aspects of the site. The vendors below have worked events at Valhalla in the past and they have been good partners. 

If you have chosen a vendor that is not on this list, please have your vendor contact us for vendor policies and requirements for working here. Valhalla Tahoe is not responsible for outside vendor’s services. Please review all individual vendors contracts for times, payments and services promised.

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You’ll Need:
– Licensed & Insured Wedding Coordinator/Planner
– Licensed & Insured Caterer
– Rentals – Linens, Placesettings & Extras
– Photographer/Videographer
– Florist
– DJ or Band
– Officiant

Wedding Coordinators & Wedding and Event Planners

Your Wedding Planner or Coordinator is on hand to make sure your special day goes smoothly. They’re going to take care of all the details, so you don’t have to. They do everything from communicating with your vendors, creating your timeline, to doing the venue site inspection at the end of the night. We want you to enjoy your day!

Emily | 775-781-6987
Melissa | 530-600-2483
Kerry & Lindsay | 775-589-2210
Angelina| 775-783-9300
Lynne | 775-901-0462
Felicia | 775-783-1948
Liane | 775-771-4153
Miranda | 866-318-MIRA
Tawni | 925-768-5899
Karie | 775-276-8798
Stephanie | 650-483-6417
Faith | 775-742-4472
Tanya | 213-422-7002
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Lodging Partners and Summer Music Sponsors

We love South Lake Tahoe because there’s a lodging property that works for everyone. These lodging properties give back to the community by sponsoring the diverse musical events at the Boathouse Theatre. Please consider them for your guests’ accommodations.

Alesha 530-541-6655
Lisa 530-541-2180
Lauren (844) 588-7625
Kelsey 530-545-4332
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Catering Companies

A full-service catering company will play an intricate part in your event. They will setup, execute and cleanup the venue along with your wedding coordinator. You will work with them to get your linens, glassware and plate settings.They will also provide the staff needed to flip the Grand Hall from ceremony to dinner if you decide to dine inside. 

Alexander | 775-813-4495
Erin or Beth | 775-747-2090
Mike | 530-228-3111
Candace | 530-416-0401
Shane | 530-308-1376
Whitney | 775-843-5297
Dawn | 775-287-4121
Peter & Martha | 530-412-1537
Karla | 530-544-5253
Marsy | 530-583-6609
Dave | 530-544-7671
Chef Russ | 916-337-8613
Ellie & Jeff | 530-542-2722
Dave | 530-412-3853
Stacey | 775-781-7352
Savannah | 530-539-4040
Katie | 530-307-3288
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Bar Service

Professional Bar Services elevate your guests’ experience and they take care of all the bar details so you don’t have to. Talk to them about brining ice, mixers, lemons, limes, bottle openers, corkscrews, a cutting board and all the accoutrements you’ll need. They will also ensure that no one at your event is over served and that those under the legal drinking age of 21 are not served. Help keep your guests safe and happy by hiring a Pro! 

Eric 530-412-4359
Jeff & Angela
Jordan, Jessica & Hunter
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Event Rental Companies

Do you need help getting the items you want to complete your vision? You might want vintage furniture to create lounges on the Grand Lawn or porch. You might want giant lawn games or an upgraded bar. There’s no need to buy these things when a rental company can deliver and pick them up on the day of your event. 

Event Design

An Event Designer can add custom installations that take your dream wedding to new heights. They often work hand-in-hand with your planner to ensure  your event looks beautiful and runs smoothly! If your installation requires an event designer, you will most likely need to purchase additional hours for setup time. 

Emily | 916-616-6166
Rom 775-525-1898
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From your ceremony to dancing, the music you choose will set the tone for your day. You’ll work with a DJ to get your PA system, microphones, speakers and indoor lighting. They’ll help move your timeline forward by letting your guests know what’s coming next. They’ll also help ensure the music stops at 10pm, so everyone can start heading out and your caterer can finish cleaning up. 


David| 530-307-9140
Ryan | 530-318-8316
Drew | 530-545-2575
Randy | 530-577-6119
Erik | 775-250-3745
Owen | 530-412-3354
Derek 530-577-3414
Jeffi | 775-787-6000
Tracy | 775-246-4550
Isaac | 530-448-2777
Joel | 775-223-8545
Larry | 775-624-2222
Bart | 530-577-7897
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Anne| 530-541-3575
Liz & Don | 530.412.1938
Stan & Johanna | 775-230-6290
Chris | 805-850-9102
Susan | 530-544-7036
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These delicious decisions can be hard. We love it when brides decide to do a little of everything! From round cakes to cupcakes to donuts these vendors will make your special day Extra Sweet!

Nikki | 530-748-5366
Theresa | 530-318-4637
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Your florist will help with the details like your bouquet, boutonnières, centerpieces, floral for the hearth and any other accents where you want to bring the beauty of nature indoors or to your tables. 

Hattie| 775-720-7204
Tracey | 714-866-9475
Katie | 800-360-3862
Tina | 775-278-1485
Ryn | 530-494-9330
Terri | 530-544-7339
Kelly Jo | 775-881-8051
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Invitations & Signs

Every event starts with an invitation and ends with a sign. Finding the right words to match your vision is the first step to letting your guests know what to expect at your wedding. Having gorgeous signs at your wedding will welcome guests, help them navigate the event and say good night! 

Jessica 775-470-5252
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Videographers capture the motion and emotion of your Big Day! Remember every laugh, every toast and all the fun you had. You’ll treasure the video of the day you married your soul mate. 


Live Painting & Local Wedding Gifts

A fun way to capture the essence of your special day – have a local artist on site to create a beautiful rendition of your Wedding. You can also order one-of-a-kind creations to give to your bridal party, parents or take home as your own keepsake.



We love seeing each photographer’s unique perspective of Valhalla and our couple’s wedding visions. You’ll spend a ton of time with your photographer, so find someone you vibe with and who makes you laugh. 

These are the photographers who have generously allowed us to use their photos on our website. 

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Shuttles & Limos

Valhalla’s parking is limited to 32 spaces. If your caterer needs a place to setup an outdoor kitchen or you hire a Food Truck, they will have to use 2-4 of these spaces. If you think you’ll need more parking for your guests, contact a shuttle and limo servicesor recommending guests use Lyft, Uber or take a Taxi.