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The snow is finally melting and the Grand Hall, Lawn, and Boathouse are about to come alive again for the summer. We’re looking forward to seeing all our awesome volunteers again this year! We are excited to announce some changes for Valhalla Tahoe’s 40th season managing the historic site and providing art, music, and theatre for our community and visitors. 

After an extensive strategic planning process over the winter months, Michelle Morton has been hired as Operations and Sales Manager and will be the primary point of contact for Valhalla Tahoe. Michelle, a former board member for Valhalla Tahoe, has an extensive background in sales and marketing as well as experience planning and executing large events. 

Michelle has lived in South Lake Tahoe for the past 12 years and worked for both the Tahoe Daily Tribune and Heavenly Mountain Resort. She grew up in Chico, CA, playing music and acting in school plays.  


“My mom, Christine, played guitar on the outdoor patios at restaurants when I was little and sang me to sleep every night,” Michelle said. “She encouraged me to play piano, read music, and developed my love of theatre and the arts. After she passed away from breast cancer when I was 13, I learned to play guitar to feel closer to her.”

Michelle’s daughter, Maya Carleton, grew up in South Lake Tahoe, and was a member of the Children’s Choir that annually sang at the Holiday Faire. She also played saxophone in the middle school and high school bands and was in the Lake Tahoe Community College’s production of Cabaret in 2016. She will be graduating from University of California at San Diego this summer with her Bachelors of Science in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuro Science. 

While Michelle stills plays music on the beaches around Tahoe and at the Barton Skilled Nursing Center, she is more focused on expressing her creativity through writing, photography, and graphic design. She is looking forward to working with our volunteers, increasing Valhalla’s presence on social media, and promoting the events in the Grand Hall and the Boathouse for Valhalla Tahoe’s 40th season. 

“I’m excited to meet everyone who plays such an important role in making these events happen,” Michelle said. “Without our volunteers and members, Valhalla Tahoe wouldn’t be the amazing center of arts and culture that it has become.”

We invite you to come out to meet Michelle and help kick off the season on Saturday April 27 and Sunday April 28th during our annual Site Cleanup. 

Following the cleanup, Michelle will be onsite Wednesday-Sunday. Drop by the twin cabins anytime to chat with her in her office, where Carolyn told her Groucho Marx once slept. 

“I look forward to discovering more stories and preserving the historic buildings and grounds of the Heller Estate with your help.” Michelle said. “Together we can make sure these amazing buildings and beautiful grounds are here for our children’s children to visit and enjoy.”