Celebrating Tahoe’s Rich History of Art, Music and Theatre


We are currently working on plans to hold events within the State of California’s Guidelines in 2021. Please check back with us in May for updates on our summer program. Your support of our non-profit during this time is critical for the continued preservation of the Heller Estate and art, music and theatre in Lake Tahoe! 

When a community doesn’t have a place to come together and celebrate our culture, we lose the connection to who we are. At Valhalla Tahoe we preserve Tahoe heritage through art and cultural events, so that our community and visitors can experience Tahoe’s past and create Tahoe’s future. 


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Performing Arts

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Weddings & Events

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The Boathouse Theatre

The Valhalla Boathouse Theatre is a unique cultural resource in the Tahoe basin, indeed in all of northern California and northern Nevada. No other arts venue showcases Tahoe heritage and the stunning beauty of the lake like the Boathouse Theatre. Patrons sitting in the theatre are treated to a view of the lake like no other, through the floor to ceiling window behind the stage. The interior, preserved with exposed beams and wonderful natural acoustics, is both intimate and grand creating an experience unrivaled in performing arts venues.

The Valhalla Grand Hall | Weddings at Valhalla

The name “Valhalla” was taken from the Norse Myths of the Viking’s Heavenly Place. Valhalla, the name of the great hall of the Viking after life, provided an apt description of the Heller residence, which features a vaulted central living area surrounded by a horseshoe balcony, all of massive timber, and a forty foot stone fireplace, sufficient in size to accommodate several dozen people.

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