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Saturday – $11,000

Friday or Sunday – $10,000

Monday – Thursday – $9,000

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Maximum capacity

120 person maximum guest count for private events.

Venue Layout

Contracted events will receive a brochure with layout options


Set-up of personal decor, tables and clean-up are the responsibility of the renting party. $1,000.00 refundable cleaning/damage deposit required 60 days before event date.


Valhalla Tahoe requires a coordinator/planner. The coordinator and caterer must be selected from our approved vendor list

What you need:

  • Licensed & Insured Wedding Coordinator/Planner (required from our vendor list)
  • Licensed & Insured Caterer (required from our vendor list)
    • Linens, Dishes, Glassware, Silverware and Serving Pieces
  • Officiant
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Florist
  • DJ or Band
  • Transportation to and from Site

Please see our Approved Vendor List for a selection of service professionals approved to operate at Valhalla.

What’s Included with the Venue Rental

  • Exclusive Use of Building for up to 10 hours. (Music must end at 10:00 pm)
  • 1 Hour Rehearsal – Limited to 10am the day before your event. Includes option to store items at Valhalla overnight
  • Seating for up to 120 people
  • Indoor Ceremony in Grand Hall
  • Use of the Grand Lawn for Receptions (weather permitting)
  • Wraparound Lakeview Deck
  • Two Dressing Rooms
  • Public Pier with natural beach
  • Tables and Chairs
    • (22) 60” round tables
    • (8) 6’ X 30”
    • (8) 8’ X 30”
    • (2) 6’ X 18” banquet tables that for step-up bar
    • (4) 42″ cocktail tables with 24″ wood tops
    • (12) 4’ x 2’ tables
    • (1) 40” round table
    • (120) Mahogany Chiavari Chairs with ivory pads for indoor use
    • (120) Fruitwood Folding Chairs with ivory pads for outdoor use
    • (2) high back chairs with velvet covers
    • (1) Wine Barrel Bar
    • (4) 8’x40” Farm Tables (25$ set-up fee for each)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Package
  • A one year Valhalla Tahoe Joint Membership will be included for the Bridal couple effective on the wedding/rental date.

Wedding Rental Details

1. Event Insurance

Renter shall obtain general liability insurance covering the day of the event in the minimum amount of one million dollars with Liquor Liability Insurance included. A certificate of insurance and a policy endorsement naming Valhalla Tahoe as additionally insured on the policy shall be provided to Valhalla Tahoe at least one month prior to the wedding. 

Here are links where you can purchase event insurance:

  1. All Vendors working at Valhalla shall carry and maintain in full force and effect while working at Valhalla workers compensation insurance, general liability and policy endorsement naming Valhalla Tahoe as additional insured showing the required insurance is in place.
  2. Valhalla Tahoe is bound by the policy and rules enforced by the USDA Forest Service and may be subject to change at any times.
  3. A dumpster is on site for trash removal (all boxes must be broken down).
  4. On-site parking for 71 guest cars and your vendors and 3 handicap spots .
  5. A Valhalla Tahoe onsite representative and a parking/gate attendant are included in rental fee.

2. Policies and Rules of the Historic Grand Hall located on Forest Service Property

  1. Ceremonies may not take place outside the Grand Hall – this is a Forest Service policy
  2. Rental of the Property may take place between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm, this includes all set up and break down.
  3. All festivities and music must end by 10:00 PM per El Dorado County Noise Ordinance.
  4. Time of the event must be confirmed 60 days prior to the wedding date.
  5. Capacity of the Grand Hall is a maximum of 120 guests, this includes all guests, bridal party, babies, etc.  Up to 10 vendors are also allowed on property during an event.
  6. When seating guests upstairs limit 20 guests on each side, according to State Fire Marshall. If children are upstairs on the loft they must be accompanied by an adult.
  7. Client is ultimately responsible for set up, breakdown, clean up, replacing all tables and chairs to the storage area, and final clean up a the end of the rental period, including spot cleaning any spills on the Grand Hall floor or Porch. In most cases the Caterer takes on this responsibility, however this is an agreement between the client and the caterer and coordinator. Ultimately the Client is responsible for leaving the building in the same condition it was rented in. Excessive cleanup will result in money being deducted from the Client’s cleaning deposit. 

3. Restrictions

  1. Use of outside tents are prohibited on the lawn.
  2. Use of patio heaters are prohibited on the porch or any wooden surface.
  3. All furniture and tables brought into the Grand Hall must have felt on the feet or furniture coasters must be used to avoid scratching the floor.
  4. No temporary dance floors inside or outside on the lawn. Dancing can only take place on the Grand Hall floor and porch areas.
  5. No cooking is allowed on the porch area, buffet lines with sternos are allowed.
  6. No chocolate fountains or s’more making is allowed inside the building.
  7. Use of Drones are prohibited on USFS property without written permission by photographers or any individuals.
  8. Rules are subject to change per updated guidance or regulations from the State of California, El Dorado County, City of South Lake Tahoe, the United States Forest Service or any other government agency.

4. No Smoking

  1. There is designated smoking area in front of the building on the road or over the cement pathway with cigarette receptacles for guest use.
  2. If guests have to be asked to not smoke on the porch multiple times or if cigarette butts are found on the porch the morning after the event, Client will be subject to forfeit of $1000 security/cleaning deposit.
  3. Smoking of marijuana or use of any other illegal substance on Federal Property will also result in the forfeit of the client’s $1000.00 security/cleaning deposit and could result in the event being shut down. 

5. Pet Policy

  1. Pets must be on leash at all times. With the exception of registered service dogs, animals/pets are NOT allowed inside Valhalla.
    1. Owners of service dogs must be prepared to provide ADA-compliant information regarding their dong’s function.
    2. All owners must clean up after their pets.
    3. Pets cannot be left unattended or locked in any room of the Grand Hall.

6. Shuttle and Parking

  1. Parking is limited at Valhalla with a total of 71 parking spaces and three handicap spots.
    1. Overnight parking is NOT allowed inside the gate, however there is a dirt lot outside the gate next to the highway where cars can park overnight.
    2. Public parking is allowed on the highway at in the 75 space parking lot at the end of Heritage Way on road past Valhalla Road.  
    3. Shuttle transportation, Uber, Lyft and Taxis are also options. 
  2. Parking is not allowed off asphalt, on bike trails, in the circle drive in front of the main building, or on the one lane road.
    1. Road and circle are a fire lane and must be kept clear at all times except for loading and unloading.
  3. Parking lot must be completely clear of all vehicles at the end of the rental time. Gate will be locked by Valhalla staff upon closing and all cars must be outside of the gate at that time. 

7. Vendors

The Client will be responsible for all orders, arrangements and payments of outside vendors, including but not limited to the following: wedding cake, floral arrangements, centerpieces, candles, attire, place cards, entrée selection cards, and other temporary décor items. If outside vendors are used for rental or audio visual equipment, fountains, arches, entertainment etc., the event group is responsible for arranging delivery, setup and pickup of these items within the timeline outlined in this agreement.

  1. Due to the historic and sensitive nature of Valhalla Tahoe Grand Hall, Valhalla keeps a Preferred Vendor List.  These vendors are chosen because they know the venue well and have signed off on the Vendor Agreement Policy already.
  2. If the Client hires a vendor that is not on the list, you will be required to have that vendor sign off on the Vendor Agreement Policy and provide proof of insurance.
    1. If that vendor does not follow the rules, the client may risk losing the security deposit.
  3. Coordinator: Valhalla Tahoe requires the Client to hire a professional wedding coordinator to assure the wedding runs smoothly.
    1. The Coordinator is the link between the site supervisor and the vendors and handles the walk through at the end of the night.
  4. Caterers: Caterers on the preferred vendor list have agreed to term and conditions of protecting and preserving the historic site. Caterers have a designated cooking area in the parking lot, cooking is not allowed on the porches or around the building.
    1. Caterers must be self contained and have fire extinguishers on hand.
    2. Catering Cleaning Procedures
      1. Due to the property being in an active bear area, cleaning up after each event is critical to protecting Valhalla Tahoe from wildlife damage.
      2. It is the caterer’s responsibility to clear tables and pickup cups, bottles and cans throughout the night.
      3. Vendors/ Renters may use sinks to dispose of water-based organic liquids and food juices only (no oils).
      4. All garbage must be removed and put into bear proof garbage containers on the property.  Dumpster must be locked at end of night. 
        1. Valhalla Tahoe will charge client for excessive trash or biohazard waste cleanup during or after the event. 
      5. Client’s vendors are required to wipe down all areas of the kitchen and Vikingsroom if used for prep.
      6. Client’s vendors are required to spot clean any spills on the Grand Hall floors or on the porch before leaving.
    3. Deliveries and Pick Up
      1. All rental items must be dropped off and picked up during the hours of the Grand Hall Rental unless other arrangements have been made
      2. Gate will be locked and unattended until 1 hour prior to rental time.

8. Noise Levels

  1. Amplified noise must remain at a reasonable volume and is only allowed inside the Grand Hall.
    1. French Doors can be left open so music can be heard outside at a reasonable level.
    2. Sound should not carry beyond lawn area.
  2. Acoustic musicians are allowed on the Porch and Grand Lawn.
  3. A small portable speaker and microphone can be used on the lawn for toasts and speeches.

9. Decorations

  1. Please respect the historic property, no tape, nails, glue, gum or staples are allowed.
  2. No tape on the floors is allowed of any kind.
  3. Battery operated candles are recommended.  Real fire candles are not allowed.
  4. If wax is found on the floor or property, a $200 cleaning fee will be taken out of your deposit.
  5. No rice, berries or real flower petals may be used on the floor as they will stain the wood floor. A $200 fee will be charged if any of these things are left on property to be cleaned up the next day. Valhalla Tahoe suggests flower girls hold small bouquets or empty baskets.
  6. No fireworks or sparklers are allowed at any time or at any spot on the property or beach. Valhalla Tahoe recommends bubbles, glow sticks, glow wands or fiberoptic wands for formal exits. 
  7. Additional lighting may be brought into the Grand Hall. Lighting must be done by a professional lighting and decor company if it requires a ladder.
    1. There are no outdoor outlets at Valhalla, so solar or battery operated lights are recommended for outside.

Payment Terms

  1. After contract signature an invoice will be sent from Quickbooks. You will receive another email at 70 days before your event with an Additional Items Selection Brochure.  When returned, Valhalla Tahoe will add those Items, the Security Deposit and Final Balance to your Invoice.
  2. Payments accepted: Electronic Check or Credit Card.
  3. Retainer equal to Fifty Percent (50%) of the rental fee will secure your date and space. Retainer Fee must be received within two weeks of the date of the contract is signed or this contract will be null and void. Retainer fee is non-refundable except in the instance of a force majeure event or of a breach by Valhalla Tahoe.
  4. Cleaning / Damage Security Deposit (excessive cleaning/damage/smoking in non-designated areas) of $1000 will be collected in full 60 days prior to event date with final payment. Cleaning/Damage Security Deposit will be returned to the Client  by check on the address listed above no later than 30 days post wedding date if venue is left in the same condition it was rented in, no excessive cleaning is required and no smoking on the porch or damage to the building has taken place.
  5. Final Payment: Remaining balance of the rental fee is due 60 days prior to your wedding date along with payment for any additional item selections.
  6. Cancellations: All Retainers received for events are non-refundable.
  7. PostponementIn the event Client cannot hold wedding on the date specified in this contract, Client will be given the option of postponing to a new available date within 365 days of the current event date. This may require choosing an alternative day of the week and an event can only be postponed once unless due to force majeure event.