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boathouse repair

“The Valhalla Boathouse theatre was built with a lot of blood sweat and tears over 25 years ago. Since that time it has become one of the most significant south shore venues for Theatre, Music and other performances. However it is a hundred year old building still operating with some of the used equipment installed 25 years ago. Every year it has to step up to create production values that are beyond its abilities. We make magic there every year, but the magic could really use some help.”

Dave HamiltonDirector, and former President Valhalla Tahoe
grand hall repair
grand hall restoration
heller estate repairs
heller estate repairs
heller estate repairs

Restoration Projects

While we enjoy our bit of Tahoe history that is embodied in the Tallac Site, preservation of Valhalla, the Boathouse Theatre and the Twin Cabins is an expensive undertaking.  The cost of replacing the roof on Valhalla’s Grand Hall is estimated at approximately $175,000! 

In 2023, Valhalla Tahoe completed a 6-year fundraising effort to replace the outdated sound and lighting equipment in the Boathouse Theater. This project cost more than $70,000 and will elevate the audience experience for another 30 years!

2013 Projects

  • Installed a new sidewalk between the Grand Hall and the Boathouse.
  • Painted all the trim on the Grand Hall. Perhaps the largest project was restoring the old growth cedar bark siding on the Boathouse. Many pieces were missing, and since this type of siding is no longer manufactured, it required harvesting bark off of downed cedar trees, a lengthy and complicated task.

2014 Projects

  • Added another sidewalk between the Valhalla circular drive past the twin cabins to the Grand Hall.
  • Restored the cedar shingle siding on the Grand Hall, which have become paper thin at the bottom over the years. Due to budget constraints, only a portion of the siding was completed this year

2015 Projects

  • Restore more of the siding on the Grand Hall
  • Replace the posts around the perimeter of the porch 

2016 Projects

  • Refinish Grand Hall floors
  • Restore the rest of the siding on the Grand Hall

2017 Projects

  • Replace Grand Hall deck of the porch
  • Replace ramp leading up to Grand Hall entrance

2018 Projects

  • Irrigation system repair under Grand Lawn
  • Electrical system upgrades in Grand Hall 

2019 Projects

  • Restore siding on the East Twin Cabin
  • Replace wood and glass on North French Door No. 3 that was destroyed in break-in
  • Re-engineer and replace ramp leading to Grand Hall entrance

2020 Projects

  • Replace window in East cabin that was destroyed by a bear
  • Seal all crawl spaces under Grand Hall to deter bears
  • Cleaned out and sealed area beneath the stage in Boathouse Theatre

2021 Projects

  • Repair window in East Cabin broken by vandalism 
  • Restore siding on the West Twin Cabin
  • Collection agreement for parking lot expansion

2022 Projects

  • Parking lot expanded to 74 space
  • Parking lot and Boathouse bike path lights converted to LED and put on timers
  • Shingles for Boathouse roof purchased

2023 Projects

  • Repaired broken beam in Grand Hall
  • Reroofed Boathouse Theatre
  • Replaced 50-year old theatre lights with new LED lights